Mobile Commerce

Create and start selling on your
own branded mobile app


Reward your regulars without the
hassles of traditional card systems


Connect and engage with your
customers wherever they are

What Our Customers Say

"Since we launched on NoQ system, we’ve had over 2,500 orders from the app and it’s growing. Last month alone we had over 500. For a small cafe like us, that’s huge!"

- Frank Blefari, owner


The NoQ system put my IGA stores back in the supermarket race and allows my customers to order their groceries on the go.

Mobile grocery odering now gives me a competitive edge on the market.

- Frank Spano, owner

Wholesome Bean

"Within 3 months of implementing the NoQ system in my store my overall gross income had increased by more than 20%. Apart from the financial benefit, what my customers really love is not having to wait for their morning coffee"

- Luke Gray, owner